Submit Transaction (Exercise)

1. Checkout the exercise

git checkout exercise-02

2. Exercise

Write your code inside contracts/MultiSigWallet.sol

Complete the submitTransaction function

function submitTransaction(address _to, uint _value, bytes memory _data)

  • Complete the onlyOwner modifier defined above.
    • This modifier should require that msg.sender is an owner
  • Inside submitTransaction, create a new Transaction struct from the inputs and append it to the transactions array
    • executed should be initialized to false
    • numConfirmations should be initialized to 0
  • Emit the SubmitTransaction event (see below)
    • txIndex should be the index of the newly created transaction
event SubmitTransaction(
    address indexed owner,
    uint indexed txIndex,
    address indexed to,
    uint value,
    bytes data

3. Test

Test your code

npm test